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Looking to join our NIHOA chapter?  Our membership is by invitation only after an extensive evaluation period by our evaluation staff.  Contact your game scheduler (usually from RIHOA) to express you interest.

Existing NIHOA Members Moving to the Area

Existing NIHOA members from other districts may freely transfer into our chapter.  A probabtionary period may be required upon transfer.

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  • It has been an uncharacteristically down season for the Minnesota women’s hockey team, but facing adversity — and coming out ahead — is something redshirt senior goalie Sidney Peters is well used to at this point (photo: Shelley M. Szwast). The post Hockey Humanitarian Award finalist spotlight: For Minnesota’s Peters, the extraordinary is just part of daily life appeared first on College Hockey |

  • Harvard junior forward Ryan Donato signed an entry-level contract with the Boston Bruins, and will give up his senior season with the Crimson (photo: Dan Hickling). The post Donato gives up senior season at Harvard, signs entry-level deal with Bruins appeared first on College Hockey |

  • MINNEAPOLIS — Minnesota Duluth was the sport’s first dynasty in the NCAA era, taking home the first three national titles sanctioned by the NCAA. Wisconsin and Minnesota had runs where they won four titles in six and five years, respectively, clearly establishing themselves as the team to beat during each window. With its 2-1 overtime The post Nothing comes easily for women’s hockey’s latest dynasty appeared first on College Hockey |

  • "There are no powerhouses in college hockey," NCAA Men's Ice Hockey Committee chair Tom McGinnis says. "There's lot of parity so it will be interesting to see how this year's tournament plays out." (photo: John Crouch) The post Tournament bracketing straightforward, NCAA committee chair Tom McGinnis says appeared first on College Hockey |

  • Here is a rundown of how the top 20 teams in the Division I Men’s Poll of March 12 fared over the March 16-17 weekend (photo: Jim Rosvold). The post Rankings roundup: How the top 20 fared, March 16-17 appeared first on College Hockey |

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